What's a Juice Carton made from?

The three components of a Juice Carton are:

Paper/cardboard 75%
Polyethylene 20%
Aluminum Foil 5%

The Juice Carton material used in the manufacture of the Revolve products is a mixture of process waste, from the production of new Juice Cartons, and post consumer waste (used Juice Cartons)

How are Juice Carton's processed?
The Juice Cartons are sorted, shredded, heated and cut into 5mm pieces. The pieces are then spread into sheets and compressed. The partly formed sheets are places between special foil and are again heated and pressed between two plates. The special foil results in a lacquered effect surface finish to the board.The semi finished board is placed in a cooling press and pressed again to give added strength. Finally the board is trimmed around the edges to create a uniform size.
Throughout the whole manufacturing process, the Juice Cartons are handled so that no other material is added, therefore ensuing that the polyethylene from the original Juice Carton mix may melt and act as a glue to bind all the pieces together.

What does it look like?
The coloured printing, the brown carton material, and the silver aluminum foil are all clearly visible in the finished Juice Carton board.
The Juice carton boards, which range from 4mm to 19mm in thickness are then either cut or die punched to create the Revolve range of products.