Did you know it takes over one hundred years
for a plastic bag to decompose in a landfill site?

Nearly everything we buy has at some point been in a plastic bag or wrapper. Most consumers actually recycle their plastics bags by using them again to carry something else or as waste bin liners, but the volume of non recycled plastics bags still proves to be a problem.

With this is mind, revolve takes used plastic bags from a number of shops, local authorities and other industry and makes them into sheets of recycled plastic bags.

The bags are graded and sort into different colours so that the sheets made can be of a single colour. The sorted bags are then shredded and placed between a special material and then into a heat press. The special material (a top secret patented product) stops the plastic bags from sticking to the extremely hot plates in the press, but also causes the bags to fuse together. Each sheet of recycled plastic bag material is made by hand and its final design remains a mystery until the heat press is opened and the special material removed. Each Sheet is entirely unique.

The sheets of recycled plastic bags can be made in yellow, red, Blue, Green and Clear. The sheets also range in thickness from 1mm to 5mm, and are either cut or die punched to make the Revolve plastic bag product range.