plastic bottles
coffee cups
yoghurt pots

A large proportion of our waste comes from packaging materials and the majority of this is different types of plastic. Many municipal authorities are separating this waste plastic for further type sorting and sale. Revolve uses this stream of recycled plastic material to produce flat sheets from which innovative giftware and stationery products are made. Two types of recycled plastic are used as follows:

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Plastic Bottles
All types of plastic bottles are used from shampoo bottles to milk bottles to detergent bottles. The bottles are hand sorted, chopped up into flakes and washed to remove any dirt, labels or contaminants. Each mix of bottles is different and will depend on the area from which they have been collected, bottle fashion colour and the season of the year.
Next, the flakes are poured into a big mould which is then placed in a flat hydraulic press. The mould is heated up to 180 deg. Celsius and subject to a pressure of 1000 tonnes. As a result, the flakes of plastic fuse together and take the shape of the mould. No added binding agents or resins are added.
After cooling the sheet is taken out and trimmed into the right size. Sheets can vary in thickness from 3mm to 25mm and require no further finishing. The sheets can be sawn, drlled, routed and planed using conventional workshop tools. No two sheets ever look the same so every bit of revolve product is unique!

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)
This material is processed the same way as the HDPE. It is a very hard plastic which is more dense and rigid than HDPE plastic. Revolve uses two types of HIPS plastics:
Vending Machine Coffee Cups
The raw materials are obtained from the national Save-a-cup scheme. Each sheet has a dappled mocha and white appearance with the occasional splash of very dark brown resulting from the use of small milk cartons

Yoghurt Pots

These are made from factory rejected yoghurt pots and include small fragments of silver foil from the lid. The sheets have a terrazzo or stone effect and can be sanded to obtain a whiter finish like marble